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Testimonial: David & Myrika Doty

David and Myrika Doty of Aledo, Texas took their longest vacation yet to the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada and were able to witness one of the greatest wonders of the western world by helicopter, the Grand Canyon. “Taking a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon was great,” said David. “The Hoover Dam is absolutely better to witness from the air.”

The Doty’s have a unique approach to their vacations as they prefer taking them on the spur of the moment. “Vacation Inspirations has something called ‘Hot Deals’ which we are ready to take advantage of,” David explained. “I like being able to take off and just enjoy. I recommend people to vacation all over the world, see what you can see because life is too short.”

Touring the city, a little gambling, eating at prime restaurants with top chefs, spotting celebrities, and enjoying the sights with friends all made this vacation memorable. “We did all of this and went to the desert and took jeep tours. All of the activities and excursions made this a most memorable trip.”

As members of Vacation Inspirations for a few years, David and Myrika have been able to enjoy several short trips throughout the years and a few long ones but plan to take advantage of more package deals such as a cruise to Canada and a trip to Costa Rica.

“I really like their friendly staff. They are very professional in making all of our travel arrangements. They make planning a trip easy. Our youngest child is finishing college so it’s now our turn,” David said laughing. “Vacation Inspirations did all of the bookings and arrangements for us which I like and also, for sure, saving money. Our next vacation will absolutely be planned through Vacation Inspirations. I would recommend them to anyone.”

To learn how you can save money on your next vacation contact Vacation Inspirations at (800) 692-1587.

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