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Celebrity Cruises, Charleston, SC

Founded in the late 1989, Celebrity Cruises has cruise vacations, cruise deals and port excursions to Alaska, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada & New Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity EquinoxEngland, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Galapagos, Hawaii & Pacific Islands and more international destinations.

Celebrity Cruises' core values include "People First" and "Making a Difference" and to this end Celebrity pursues environmental stewardship. The cruise line strives to keep the oceans clean in a responsbile manner through proactive initiatives and programs like their Stewardship Report, The Ocean Fund, environmental initiatives, Outreach and Achievements, and Save the WavesŪ.

Celebrity caters to its demanding guests by offering personal and accomodating service, a dining experience including custom-built galleys which are designed to offer the finest gourmet cuisine at sea, and premium cruises aimed at setting a new standard for cruising in the grand style. Also, Celebrity's spacious accomodations deliver a cruise that meets expectations of its water-borne globetrotters. Long gone are the days of a cruise in closet-sized and cramped staterooms.

Whether you are looking for vacation deals, transatlantic cruises, cheap deals or last minute cruises you may find Celebrity Cruises a pleasant surprise for your cruise pleasure!

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